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Why Should I Carry My Baby Close to Me?

Ten-month-old Charlie sleeps in the EllaRoo Wrap while Mom and four-year-old Helena explore the pumpkin patch.

If you carry your baby close to you in a cloth carrier, you'll find that...
  1. ...your baby will be happier, calmer, and more alert.
  2. ...your baby will have help regulating his breathing and temperature.
  3. ...your baby will have help developing her sense of balance.
  4. will be more "in tune" with your baby, more aware of his moods and condition.
  5. ...your baby will be safe with you when you are out. You don't have to constantly unwrap or "check on" her in some device.
  6. will be able to smell your baby all the time---yum!
  7. ...your baby will be within easy kissing and cuddling distance.
  8. will be able to take care of your other children and yourself while your baby is feeling secure.
  9. won't feel "trapped" by your baby, because you'll be able to go places and do things without guilt, since baby is attached to you!
  10. will be able to go places that are difficult with strollers, such as up stairs or escalators, on gravel paths, grass, or beaches (or wading in a pool or lake), through crowded malls or street festivals.
  11. will be able to go places where strollers aren't allowed or don't fit, like petting areas of a zoo, or into a church or movie theater, without having to find a "parking spot" for your stroller and worrying about its being stolen.
  12. can catch a close connection at the airport (this has come up for us a couple of times), because you don't have to worry about fumbling with storage, boarding, and folding/unfolding of your stroller.

Wait! There are a few more.

  1. can hold the hands of your other children when crossing a busy street.
  2. can chase (and catch!) the other children if they run off at a zoo or park.
  3. ...your baby can be social or private, depending on his mood.
  4. ...your baby will probably sleep better tied onto you than away in a bed (at least when she's young), and when she wakes up she usually won't cry if you're right there! Besides, you won't have to interrupt what you're doing to go get her or check on her.
  5.'ll have less worry about SIDS, because you're aware of your baby's breathing.
  6. ...all that time you'll need to hold your baby, he will feel so much lighter in a good cloth carrier.
  7. ...your baby will feel secure in the womb-like environment.
  8. and your baby will easily develop the special bond that comes from sharing a life.

Let us know if you have any questions about what it's like to "wear" a baby.

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