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Suse's Deluxe Kinder Coat
The ultimate babywearing coat, designed with two independent layers (fleece inner and water-resistant outer shell) to keep you and your baby-in-carrier warm and dry. With this coat you can carry your baby on front, back, or either hip.
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About Suse's Kinder Coat Deluxe

This babywearing coat is our favorite of them all. It has all of the features of the original Suse's Kinder Coat, but with a number of key improvements.

Like the original Kinder Coat, Suse's Deluxe is composed of two layers which are zipped together, each of which can be worn independently. And underneath, as with the original babywearing coat, the wearer can carry baby (or babies) on front, back, or not at all, all the time keeping baby and babywearer warm and protected.

The Deluxe Kindercoat though has an extra option that you won't find in other babywearing coats; it will also accommodate hip carriers. It's ONE coat that will fit you either alone, or with your baby worn in any of four positions (on front, back, or either hip). We were impressed by the original babywearing coat from Suse's Kinder, but the engineering required for this one really blew us away.

Suse's Kinder Coat is known for its thoughtful extras: hoods for baby and wearer, two-way zippers, underarm vents, lots of pockets. Now in the Deluxe model, Suse's Kinder has taken functional design to a new level. Despite all of the openings required for babywearing, the Deluxe coat contains even more pockets than the Original. The drawstring for tightening the back opening (the key to easy back-wearing) is even more easily accessible from the front. A removable fleece headrest supports the baby who likes to sleep on your back. And the Deluxe Kindercoat keeps everyone a bit warmer when necessary: it's longer, the sleeves on its fleece liner are cuffed, and it includes cozy fleece-lined hoods for baby and wearer.

We thought that Suse's Kinder Coat was the ultimate babywearing coat for ease of use and versatility, and it still stands above the other brands, but the people at Suse's Kinder have outdone themselves again with this deluxe version. If your babywearing style would benefit from the added features of the Deluxe Kinder Coat, then we think you'll find it well worth the investment.

Color Choices
All colors come with a black fleece inner layer.

red (same color red as above—this one is just shown in the evening sunshine)

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