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EllaRoo Podaegi
Podaegi (Korean-style) carrier made in the USA of 100% cotton fabric and organic cotton batting.
We don't have any new podaegi at the moment. Please check our secondhand store for some good deals though.



About the EllaRoo Podaegi

The podaegi (also spelled "podegi" or "podeagi") is a traditional Korean baby carrier, which consists of a rectangular "blanket" attached to a long strip of fabric. The blanket portion wraps baby onto babywearer, and then the strip of fabric is tied around them both. It is comfortable, cozy, versatile, and adorable, not to mention very convenient!

We love the podaegi for cooking, housework, yardwork, and other times when a quick back-carrying option is desirable. It's great for a cozy front carry, too. EllaRoo uses lightweight cotton fabric and just a touch of organic cotton batting in the straps, so these podaegi are light and compact enough to go with you everywhere.

The EllaRoo Podaegi is appropriate for any baby or toddler: younger babies are totally supported by the fabric, as shown here, while older babies can keep their arms outside, as shown in the photos on this page.

Two styles: The EllaRoo Podaegi now comes in two styles, both identical except for width of the "blanket": the traditional wider blanket is shown in the photo above, and the narrow blanket is shown at right. The traditional blanket is cozier, more secure with a very small baby, and just a bit quicker to use (no worries about centering the blanket), while the narrow blanket is cooler, lighter-weight, and sleeker looking. Both are very secure and comfortable.

Fabric Choices

Oriental Black
Reverses to Solid Black
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Oriental Natural
Reverses to Solid Black
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Reverses to Solid Khaki
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