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Baby Carrier Basics

When your arms are tired but your baby needs you, cuddle up in a soft cotton baby carrier! For centuries mothers have used cloth carriers to carry their small children in comfort and beauty, but in our culture, the art of "babywearing" was nearly lost---pushed aside by the plastic carseat and stroller.

Today's parents are rediscovering the ancient tradition of babywearing and all of its benefits: relief for tired arms, a soothing place for baby, and the special bond that forms between baby and babywearing parent, just to name a few. These parents are discovering that they can fix Big Sister a sandwich and get some dishes washed while the littlest one quietly watches or sleeps, calmed by the smell of Mom's skin or the feel of Dad's rhythmic motion and breath.

Benefits of Babywearing: what's all the fuss about?

Styles of Baby Carrier: don't know your rebozos from your mei tais? Check here before you shop.

Wrap Sling Sizing Information: confused by all the lengths? Follow the flow chart to your perfect fit.

Do you have other questions that you need answered to help get you started on your exploration of babywearing? Why don't you ask us in an e-mail? We love answering babywearing questions!

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