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BabyHawk Mei Tai
Fashionable, comfortable, and durable mei tai carrier made in the USA of 100% cotton fabric.
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About the BabyHawk Mei Tai

One look at the fabulous fabrics below shows why we felt compelled to include the BabyHawk Mei Tai in our collection. From elegant to fun, from understated to "in your face", BabyHawk has a carrier for everyone. Do not be fooled by the fabrics though. The BabyHawk offers much more than a fashion statement; it has passed our tests for quality and functionality with flying colors.

The mei tai is a traditional Chinese style of baby carrier, consisting of a rectangular "seat area" with four straps: two that tie around the wearer's waist and two that go over the shoulders. It is great for carrying babies of all ages, on front or back. For many new babywearers the mei tai style is less intimidating and more intuitive than some other traditional styles of baby carrier, because of its resemblance to a backpack.

The BabyHawk Mei Tai has a "framed" construction style which we find very attractive and easy to wear, and its lightly padded, trapezoidal headrest provides a soft head support for your baby (as well as some cushy upper-back support for toddlers). Shoulder straps are lightly padded as well. This mei tai is sturdily constructed to withstand many washings and wearings, and the stitching on weight-bearing seams is triple-reinforced. There's no need to sacrifice comfort or durability for fun and style, when you can have it all in a BabyHawk.

Fabric Choices

Chocolate-Framed Mei Tais, Reversing to Solid Chocolate
Each has a chocolate "frame" and chocolate straps.
Earth Stripe
Zinnia Bliss

Steely Blue-Framed Mei Tais, Reversing to Solid Steely Blue
Each has a steely blue "frame" and steely blue straps.

Raspberry Cool Flowers

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