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About Us: Our Baby-Carrying Journey

My name is Lisa Orlandi-Korner, and my husband Sebastien and I are the owners of Cotton Cradles. We have three children, and lots of experience carrying them in a variety of ways. Our first baby, Helena, was so small and light (at 2 years old she still weighed less than 21 lbs.) that I often carried her with just one arm as I did chores around the house. Outside of the house we often had her in a sling, and everyone commented on what a calm and peaceful baby she was.

Soon after our second baby's birth, we discovered that "babywearing" would be crucial to my sanity. Charlie refused to sleep at first, day or night, unless he was in my arms. And of course he had an older sister who wanted some attention too. The soft baby carrier was a fabulous solution for us, enabling me to keep Charlie close while continuing to be active with Helena.

Helena gets a ride in a sling in early 2000.

Our little buddy nursed constantly, and grew at a ridiculous rate--he weighed just under 8 lbs. at birth, 11 lbs. at one month, 14 lbs. at two months, and by three months my back was killing me from lugging his weight around all day, even with my most comfortable carrier. And without a carrier, Charlie felt even heavier, and life seemed even more complicated. We reluctantly shelled out the money for our first wraparound carrier, a Girasol, when Charlie was almost three months old, and we've never looked back!

The first time I put Charlie in it, I was amazed. He felt comparatively weightless! Charlie and I just adored our new wrap. Within a month or two, most of my mama friends had tried it out and then made their own wraps. We met a lot of parents who had wanted to carry their babies or had tried to, but just couldn't find a comfortable way to do it. Sebastien and I decided that we could help promote the wraparound baby carrier by setting up a website and a little baby-carrying shop. That's why we're here.

We began Cotton Cradles in 2003, and years later we couldn't be happier with the result. We have been able to participate in the renewal of interest in traditional baby-carrying methods, and we receive e-mails every day from happy parents carrying their children. Our product line has expanded to include other traditionally inspired, all-fabric carriers (mei tais and the occasional podaegi), but we purposely keep it small and specialized so that we can handle every aspect of our business as a family. Sebastien quietly takes care of inventory, while I am in charge of the website, customer service, and other day-to-day operations. Helena and Charlie love to contribute by helping with shipping and inventory, and in January 2006 our new son Julian joined us and became our principal product tester. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity! Please enjoy your visit to our site.

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